My Friends Feet - Black Friday - Cyber Monday Offer

Toe Sucking Guys – Furby and Tristan

Furby and Tristan are making out. The moment gets further heated as they decide to touch each others feet. Playtime starts delicate and makes a few turns. First it’s exclusively playtime for their feet. Then it continues. The pants come off. Hands move from manly feet to manly members. Harder and softer. Delicate and forceful. Furby and Tristan suck eachother off. They savor the flavor and work in tandem. It’s a 69 of feet and cock. Furby and Tristan are working passionately suckling on balls, licking the shaft and playing with those toes. This is too hot. Furby gets on top of Tristan and rides him. He gets excited and yanks furiously at his cock thinking of those manly feet. Cum happens. Its rubbed all over. Balls. Shaft. Feet. Oh manly feet. Furby grins at Tristan as they make out a bit more and nuzzle toes.


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My Friends Feet - Black Friday - Cyber Monday Offer