Gay Foot Fetish

Berlin Sneakers: AJ Alexander & Rick Lous

The two foreign sporty guys AJ Alexander and Rick LOUS relax in the beauty of Berlin’s nature and smoke. Rick is deaf, horny and incredibly clever. He knows exactly how to make his new buddy sex-hungry. His red Nike sneakers are all he needs to do this. He pulls them off and pushes them to shut up AJ. The smell of rough rubber can harden his cock in seconds. Now Rick pulls out all stops with his skills. He throws himself onto the floor and licks his fat dick out of his pants and the white socks of his buddy. Brutally, he pulls on his cum tube in Ricks face and rams him mercilessly with his cock in his jaw. Pushing his fuck sword into his greedy throat takes Rick’s ability to breathe. AJ is completely overwhelmed by lust, hammering his big cock in the mindless mouth until Slobber just squirts. He proves that AJ is a deep throat talent as his meat disappears down his throat. Like no tomorrow there’s more Rick digs deeper and faster towards AJ balls, until he almost want to puke. After the steamy tongue fuck he pounds his ass pressing his bare cock deep inside his glowing meat pussy until his faithful friend pours all over the hairless body.

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