Gay Foot Fetish

Foot & Fuck: Theo and Theo

When two footie kit clad lads get together after a hard sweaty game, they feel dirty and wana get dirtier. Tired and hot feet need a rub down… maybe a little more The smell of fresh sweat, used trainers and stinky socks fills the air. Reid is first up and gets down on his knees to rub and worship Ford’s aching plates. Licking the sock fabric, chewing on his toes and inhaling his sexy musty scent, he’s enthralled! Ford is loving this and can’t wait for his turn. Two vers lads swap feet for cocks and suck each other off, bulging muscle straining their football kits and hard dicks bursting out of silky shorts. They can’t get enough of each other, dicks, socks, sloppy kisses and hairy arses. Ford goes in face first to Reid’s sweaty crack, softening him up for a good energetic fuck and his first bottom experience for UKHotJocks! Ford doesn’t take to him lightly and rails his arse into the armchair all the while making eye contact and sucking on his crisp white footie socks. Flip over, Reid on Ford. Showing off his freshly fucked arse he bends over to get his tongue in Ford’s ass, returning the favour. You gotta lick it before you stick it! Pay back time and Reid absolutely pummels Fords perfectly toned ass. Socks, spunk and tow very satisfied lads. Good game!

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