Gay Foot Fetish

Jack and Dominik

Jack brings home a cute white twink he met at the local gay bar, and can’t wait to sniff the aroma of his twink feet. The two twinks get comfy on the couch and start making out. Jack is in full control of the situation and knows exactly when to bring out his foot fetish. With a boner raging in his shorts from all the kissing, Jack makes his way down the leg of his gay sex partner and takes off his sneakers. Taking a strong sniff of his shoe, he then takes in another good whiff of his socked foot. Stripping off the sock, he begins making love to his smooth soft toes and sole. Hot an horny, the two twinks begin bareback fucking. Jack plunges his big cock into that little twink ass and slams him good. Finally Jack can hold it no longer and explodes cum all over the little twink’s bare feet.

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