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Jocks and Socks: Hunter Styles

Smouldering and sexy Hunter Styles is about to get his cock out for the first time on camera! In a dark grey vest and black gym shorts with bright neon yellow cords, he fully inspects himself, hands and eyes graze and trace across every muscle and hairy section of his body. Whipping his vest off he grabs onto his pierced nipple and shows off his lightly hairy chest. His eyes move around the locker room, his imagination running wild about what he should do next. Getting up, he makes his way to the steel wall, leaning his shoulders back onto it, cooling his warm, tanned skin and peeling his sports shorts down to reveal an absolutely tiny red and black jockstrap. Hard grabbing of the jock pouch doesn’t last long, he wants to get out and play! Thick, dark pubes followed by his thick cock, he goes for the nipple again and starts to wank slowly. Taking his dick from thick and heavy to full mast, hard cock glory, the boy is horny, breathing deeply and has a serious look on his face. Moving round in front of the lockers he bends over and pulls his arse cheeks apart, showing off his beefy butt and smooth hole, sticking sa few fingers up there for good measure. He groans in pleasure, spins round and continues to beat his hard dick, playing with his pre-cum, polishing his cock head with it. Taking the bench he lays back and works on edging his dick. When it comes too much for him to bear he sits up and blows his uber thick creamy load.

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