Gay Foot Fetish

The Butler Gets It

Ridgeway gets intense tickle punishment for slacking off on the job. He’s very ticklish and responds to light touch, tickling through socks, even feathers. But the electric massager pushes him over the edge. 1. Ridgeway gets tied up and his torture explained (1 min) 2. The tickling begins: Hands, sheer socks (2mins) 3. Hands, sheer socks (2 mins) 4. Hands, sheer socks (2 mins) 5. More hands, sheer socks. Hair brush introduced (2 mins) 6. Hair brush, then socks came off (2 mins) 7. Barefoot, feathers introduced (2 mins) 8. Feathers drive him wild (2 mins) 9. Feathers and toes, then brush (1 min) 10. Brush (2 mins) 11. Electric massager (2 mins) 12. Electric massager (2 mins)

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