Gay Foot Fetish

Jocks and Socks: Shane Frost

Sexy, sexy Shane hails from the US of A, brining with him swagger, cockiness and a cheeky and playful approach to sex. There is nothing we don’t like about this guy! He’s tanned, tatted and a tonne of fun to shoot. The boy in blue starts by stripping down in the locker room and getting himself in the mood. He slips off his shiny shorts and skin-tight compression top revealing a sexy white jock, showing off all his best assets. It’s too cramped in this tiny locker room to unleash the beast, so he moves to a quiet bathroom to do the deed. He relaxes, leaning up against a sink and slips off his underwear letting his big semi had cock flop out. He beats it slowly and determined before grabbing hold of a Fleshjack to play with, he spits on his cock, gets it wet and plunges in, thrusting hard and steady. Building up the pace he furiously beats his dick into it, watching himself in a mirror opposite, mentally spurring himself on. He pulls out and sprays the floor with a hot load, walking away and leaving for the cleaners. We love a dirty boy!

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