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Jocks and Socks: Anthony Naylor

We do our best to bring you the finest home grown UK talent and Anthony is no exception, in fact he’s exceptional! Gorgeous features, banging body and an extremely talented young guy, he works the cameras like he’s been doing this for years. In a softly spoken Scouse accent, this Liverpudlian boy tells us a little about his life as a dancer, his time in the gym and that he considers his work to be play, for him. The same thing could be said about porn! We’ve bagged him for his first ever shoots so enjoy this freshly selected, new and crazy hot talent! Flexing his muscles, and stroking his flawless alabaster skin, he’s already got all the right moves. The giant tent in his shorts can easily be mistaken for a boner but the boy isn’t even hard yet. Absolutely prime wank material for bulge lovers, just wait until the shorts come off. When they do he reveals a tiny red and black jock which can barely contain the growing crotch contents and frame his inch-perfect bubble butt in a way that’s almost indescribable… ok well I’ll try, it’s fucking hot! The only way this could be improved would be to shove something up there, so Anthony starts with one and works up to two fingers, stretching his tight hole open, arching his back and grinding that perfect arse against his own hand. The jock comes down and out springs 8.5″ thick inches of uncut cock. Standing tall and proud, he’s got a seriously massive dick! Stroking slowly and catching the camera with his eyes, can you just imagine what that would taste like? Flexing his whole body and beating off faster and harder, building up to a big bursting cum explosion! Impressive Anthony, thank you Liverpool!

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