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SneakerSex: Aj Alexander vs Max Duro

In Berlin you often meet the hottest pigs on the street. When the sneaker Guy AJ Alexander meets the bearded guy Max, he knows that he has found a new toy. He drags him into his apartment and throws him on the leather couch. Submissive as if he belongs to the pig he goes to his knees and licks his sneakers off. The leather smell rises in his nose, the senses fade away and makes him a slave to his own desire. Devotedly he takes his feet in his mouth and sucks on the stuffy socks.

Max now returns the Hard pig, frees his dick from the prison and shoves it in AJ’s face until the pig gets almost no air. Max is so satisfied with the suck service that he rams himself AJ’s cock in his mouth and receives the hardcore Deepthroat of his life – as thanks he holds his hairy ass to the Englishman. The hole smells of sweat and moist with lust. AJ’s tongue licks deep into the channel until Max starts screaming in lust. AJ knows exactly what he wants and needs. He puts his socks in the face of the bearded pig, ties his feet and sits astride on the big cock. His ass glides up and down on the dick until his cunt can only open more and more and the tail pushes even deeper the ass lips. Like a Greek god he rides the hairy bastard hard until his ass is completely abfgefullt with tail meat.

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