Gay Foot Fetish

Ray Tickled

Ray is a very muscular guy with a huge chest and gorgeous size 11 feet. Ray said he had not been tickled since he was a kid so he didn’t really think he was that ticklish. I’ve had a lot of these hot, buff guys lately who don’t think they’re very ticklish.

Luckily for me, Ray turned out to be ANOTHER guy who was off the charts ticklish once I got my hands on him. Ricky was having a great time tickling Ray’s armpits with me. We both thought he was going to escape because he was struggling so hard. Ok, so he did escape once…

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Ray Tickled

Ray Tickled 1

Ray Tickled 2

Ray Tickled 3

Ray Tickled 4

Ray Tickled 5

Ray Tickled 6


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